Investing time and energy in preconception care is always a good plan if you’re planning to conceive. I always like to start these blog posts (especially around fertility) that you need to spend at LEAST three months to improve your health. This can help you to maximize your chances at conception. Here are five things you should be doing to boost your fertility.


1. Detox the Liver

My first approach I highly suggest to my clients and everyone, is to start looking at the liver. Any naturopath or holistic medicine practitioner would explain that detoxing the liver is a great idea (even if you’re not a heavy drinker).

This is something you can choose to do yourself or speak to someone. Sometimes people prefer more guidance and that is alright. If you’re like myself, and you decide just to rip off the elusive bandaid and detox yourself, then you can find a few in a couple of books or by doing a Google search.

Supplements include Silymarin, Choline, and milk thistle. Of course, be smart when doing a liver detox, check with a health care provider if you so choose, stop the program if there is pain or discomfort, get plenty of fresh air, keep warm, rest and sleep, don’t do heavy exercise, start the program on the weekend or maybe on the first of a week or month. In the end, go about in the way that makes you happy.


2. Physical Exercise

The benefits of regular exercise have been taught to us since we were little, and incorporating a routine that can make you comfortable and something you enjoy is so important. Here are just a few reasons why it might be beneficial.

The Chinese adjust exercise to match the season. Spring, summer, and late summer are times of yang energy and fall and winter are of yin energy. 

Spring Exercises: Stretching, Walking, Weight Training, and Gently Build up Muscles
Summer Exercises: Swimming, Cycling, Dancing and Jogging
Late Summer Exercises: Power Walking, Cycling and Swimming
Fall Exercises: Pilates, Stretching and Walks
Winter Exercises: Deep Breathing, Yoga, Tai Chi, and Qigong


3. Acupuncture

Although most fertility is practiced and grounded around Western medicine, acupuncture is a great way to regulate the menstrual cycle or to treat other fertility programs. 

A reason why this might improve your health is that it can help your general health and alleviate underlying conditions preventing conception or enhance the efficacy of fertility treatments. You might want to find an acupuncture practitioner who focuses on fertility that way if you’re older and you have a reproductive dysfunction it can be more specialized.


4. Improve Cervical Secretions

If you’re trying to have a baby, get used to knowing things like your cervical mucus (hell wait till you hear about the mucus plug). Improving your cervical secretions is so important and something a fertility doula might talk often about in her consultation and work practice. 

If you’re having problems finding fertility mucus then you may be ovulating early in your cycle or at the end of your period. It mainly responds to increased estrogen levels, insufficient mucus may indicate low estrogen levels.

There is a list of reasons you may have trouble finding your cervical secretions but there is still time to discover all that out. To improve your volume focus on a couple key points.

Lots of things to try to improve cervical secretions, if you ever feel you need more guidance feel free to connect with me. 


5. Use Supplements

Now you may be reading this and are like, but I take my prenatal vitamins, I already know I have to eat healthy and drink lots of water. 

Sure you may know all that but honestly, this is highly important.

Make sure to use fat-soluble vitamins such as D and E and pair them with B and C vitamins.

Depending on what medications you’re already taking it can reduce vitamin and mineral levels. (Folate levels can actually be depleted by contraceptives)

Large intakes of Zinc may interfere with iron and copper absorption (and Vitamin C enhances Iron intake)

Taking any B vitamins will enhance the absorption of other B vitamins (so even if you take B3 but are like what about the rest, the food you eat, those vitamins can be absorbed better)

Coffee and tea can affect absorption of some nutrients (so be aware of that)

Another resource is to find a good local herbalist or naturopath who studies herbs that can better help you with your vitamins and intake. 

Now that I’ve told you all about these holistic approaches to boost your fertility, I hope you put them into action and use these steps to better benefit your body and make it ready for baby.

If you ever need more support feel free to reach out and I would love to support you on your journey. 

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