Don't Know What to Eat?

Maybe you have like others are confused on what you’re going to do for food especially if you have to eat for two or have a diet restrictions.
Maybe you have gestational diabetes and just need extra support through this new lifestyle.

With a certified nutritional doula on your side, you’ll know that nutrition isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of living.

As a holistic doula, my techniques won't conflict with the guidance you receive from your medical team. To design the best program for you and your circumstances, I work hard on collaborating with you, having it done uniquely with you in mind.

Nutrition Services

What is a Nutritional Doula?

The foundation of any good doula is to provide the following: 

A nutritional doula’s purpose is to educate pregnant women and families on the significance of excellent nutrition throughout pregnancy and nursing, as well as to assist them in making appropriate food choices.

A nutritional doula is not a substitute for a trained dietitian or a certified healthcare provider and should not provide medical advice. They are more of a helpful specialist in the subject of nutrition and pregnancy.

Nutritional Doula Support Is For You If:

Every Package Includes:

💥 Weekly/Bi-Weekly Check-Ins (via text)
💥  Detailed Educational Monthly Emails
💥  Unlimited Call & Text

Freezer Meal Prep Day

Grocery Shopping Day (in-person)
1- 60-minute video call to discuss allergies and recipe planning (virtual)
1-day Cook Together Visit (at your home)

does not include the cost of food

Pantry & Fridge 101

120 minute visit regarding the following options: (virtual)

-Safe and Unsafe Foods
-Discuss Alternative Food Products
-Discuss Healthy Eating


Home Cooked Meals

1- 60-minute video call to discuss allergies and recipe planning (virtual)

7 Meals Prepared (This can be all breakfast meals, or all supper meals whatever you like. 1 Fresh and the rest freezer. )


Kitchen Assessment

60-minute kitchen walkthrough (virtual)
60-minute video call to debrief:
-Tech to make life easier
-Way to Improve Layout (virtual)


Kitchen Organization

Make your kitchen accessible before baby comes.

120 minute initial visit to assess and plan layout (virtual or in-person)
3-120 minute visits to organize and work together (in-person)


Meal Planner

Custom Meal Plans every week for you and your family.

Weekly Meal Plans (Until the End of Pregnancy – or breastfeeding journey options available)
Weekly Shopping List 
All recipes are sent digitally in your personalized folder.

All you do is cook and grocery shop.


1-on-1 Cooking Session

Want to cook, but not alone?
Maybe you’re wanting to learn some cooking skills. 

1- Private in-home cooking session (in-person)
1- 60-minute initial video call to discuss allergies and recipe planning (virtual)


What Does a Visit Consist Of?

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Let’s schedule a complimentary, no-commitment consultation with you to learn more about your needs and how my services can best support you and your family. This meeting will be a great opportunity for us to get to know each other and discuss the options that are most suitable for you.

If you’re interested click the button below to schedule.

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