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Frequently Asked Questions

No, a doula is NOT “just like a midwife”! A doula does not and is not qualified to perform any medical procedures including, cervical checks, blood pressure checks, fetal heart rate monitoring, delivering/catching the baby etc. A doula is NOT and does NOT replace a medical care provider such as a midwife or an obstetrician.

Our interview process is free and done virtually via phone call or email. I sit down with potential clients and get a feel for what they want from their doula. If you like what you see you can sign with me that day. If you decide you need time to think you have five business days to get back to me.

If you want to mix packages together, you totally can. Maybe you want more prenatals, or more sessions, we can arrange something. Please use the button below to reach out. 

Once you hire me, I am always around for phone and email/text support. This will provide you access to lots of fact-based research and information. Including encouragement.

As your Doula, I can not make recommendations regarding medical care, I can provide resources for area support services.

I am one of the lowest-priced doulas. I try to aim to help all kinds of families and know that money can sometimes be difficult. If you are wanting a doula and even these prices are difficult let me know and we can go over the different things I offer. Like payment plans, bartering, a sliding scale. Let me help you and your family.

I am trained in the following and more on how to support you better: High-Risk Pregnancy, Advanced Maternal Age, Prematurity, Twins, IVF, Parents of Colour, Induction, Overdue, High Blood Pressure, Postpartum Depression and Anxiety, Planned Cesarean Birth, Home Birth, GBS+, Water Birth, Breastfeeding, Breast Pumping, Bottle Feeding, Formula Feeding, Babywearing, Swaddling, Circumcision Care, Conventional Diapering, Cloth Diapering, Food Preparation, Sibling Care, Light Housework, Growth Spurts, 24 Hour Care, Cuddles and more!

Some people think that doulas are only for women choosing a natural, drug-free lifestyle. This couldn’t be further than the truth! My ultimate aim is to help you to achieve a positive and EMPOWERED experience for you. We all need support regardless of where we are in life.

It is a great choice to have both of us in your pocket. Regardless of which service you pick with me, I aim to work with your health care provider. Never to replace.

When I first started FWDS, I knew my ultimate goal was women’s health. Our journey is one that I’m fascinated by. I’ve been told because of my age, and that I have so many certificates it couldn’t possibly be worth it to hire me. But in the end, my countless hours of studying and learning has been because I want to help YOU. and myself. Every time I take a new course, look at videos, research, I learn something that can help me. So know that its been a constant investment of my time and love into our journey as women. So when I made the motto, “from birth and beyond” it was with the idea that my services would be catered to YOU, to make sure you were informed and empowered to have the life of your dreams.

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